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Pleasant Hill, MO

Have the amd drivers gotten any better lately?

Long story short, I'm planing to sell my 460ftw so I can buy a new psu(430 80+) to replace my 6 month old 400w non 80+ psu in my linux box right now. Along with the new psu I'd like to get a fairly low end(630/640 or equivalent from amd) so I can competently run dual monitors, and possibly learn a bit of opencl. Wont be gaming with it, I got a gaming build already that I use for that.

So, have the amd drivers gotten any better for linux, or is it still nvidia or bust?

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Pelham, AL
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Video drivers? Since you mentioned nVidia, I am guessing that is what you are asking about.

I am running a leading edge Linux (Siduction Linux) with an ATI HD6770 card and I use the open source radeon driver. It works just fine except for operating temperature, which is too hot with the standard power settings. I have learned to set my power profile from default to low and my temperatures stay reasonable. I am not a gamer, either.

Trying to use the closed source fglrx driver is an on and off proposition. It usually does not work, but then there will be a magical combination of technology stack where it does work for a while. Then, either a kernel upgrade or an Xorg upgrade will make things incompatible, again. So, I just stay with the open source driver.

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I'm running an AMD HD 6850 with a 3 monitor setup with ati drivers. Seems pretty stable. My Nix is Mint 64 14 KDE. Runs pretty good in games. I had to do a lot of tweaking with playonlinux to get D3 to work real good. When I got the exe file outside the virtual drive I'm hitting 70 fps. Inside the virtual drive 15 fps.

For running multi monitor setup even the open source drivers are good. The ati drivers are a little bit of a pain to set how you want stuff. My center monitor runs off HDMI and every single reset, I have to adjust the overscan and there is no way to set default monitor in Cat control, so you have to use Xorg to set your primary.

Little things like that are a small pain but liveable. The only other thought is AMD got rid of a chunk of their open source staff, this has me a little concerned.


Pleasant Hill, MO
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Hmm well I'd rather not have to set it to low power/performance, or mess with overscan each time. I'll probably just get a 640, thanks for your input guys I appreciate it.

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Fort Smith, AR
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They suck!!! At least for my laptop's ATI card. Radeon open source driver kicks the snot out of it but you need to download the radeon firmware for it to work proper on some cards, including this one.

I know I am a thread reaver on this one, but my opinion stands strong for a reference to others. The open source driver has come a long way in acceleration, without the bugs(new version=new bugs) and breakage from kernel/X upgrades that fglrx puts you through. Glad I am done with it
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I have used ATi with various distros for the last 3 years and open source drivers are good. However, on laptops with ATi mobile cards/hybrid setups, the official drivers seem to function better-run cooler that is. On desktops cooling isn't such a huge issue with as it is laptops as you know.

Currently running the official ATi driver with a 6470M laptop card with Mint 14 MATE and they are excellent. Your mileage of course will vary.