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Wellston, OH
reply to george357

Re: [Need Info] on [Review] Straight Talk and the Samasung Galax

said by george357:
The only info I can give you is I have had no issues with my phone in any way.
Nothing with it locking up when switching to Airplane mode and back? and or no service in known service areas and then its locked up ior stuck in airplane mode? Don't know wheter its just whiners or a bad batch that all the whiners got....

said by george357:
I am not sure about the 802.11a 5.8ghz if you know how I can check this I will be glad to tell you what I find.
If you have a DUAL BAND wireless AP or router that has 802.11a 5.8GHz like a Netgear HE102 or WNDR4500, 3700 etc.. can the phone see the 5.8GHz side? I've seen conflicting info...and would like confirm it has 802.11a for real like the i405 Stratosphere as it makes my life a lot easier...


Weaverville, NC
I have never used airplane mode nor have I had the phone lock up in any manner, except the occasional RAM/App sluggishness.

I am using an ASUS RT-N16 Router and I don't think it has that 5.8Ghz band.

I've only used a few other Android phones some more expensive and some less, in my opinion its a great phone for the money. YMMV
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