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Toronto, ON

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[Ultra/Lite] Hitron CGN2-ROG port forwarding issues

Hi, I have a CGN2-ROG and I'm using Rogers Ultimate 150/10 package, I'm trying to open 27020-27039 TCP and 27000-27015, 1200 UDP ports to host a Counter-Strike dedicated server.

I've already set up a static ip, and correctly configured the router port forwarding rules, turned off any firewall I have and uninstalled any anti-virus software, however, the port forwarding seems to be not working as the port checking website says:
Error: I could not see your service on on port (27015)
Reason: Connection refused

I can confirm that there is no problem in ports forwarding rules, because if there is, then the port checker would say something like "connection timed out" instead of "connection refused"

Can someone help me with this? I used to have the SMC and CISCO routers, I tried to port forward them with no avail neither.

The wierd thing is, port 80 totally works, which means I can host a web server, isn't it? So I guess the router is picky at some ports, can anyone confirm this for me by checking these ports see if they are open?


some routers only open the port if it is being used


Toronto, ON
A Rogers TechXpert guy told me it's something wrong with the firmware, then he turned my router into a modem(bridge mode), and it's working now but wireless function is disabled