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Re: The Decline of Cablevision Outside Plant Techs

said by tmc8080:

In NYC, 3rd party contracters do 90% of the install work and at least 80% outside plant work that does not require lots of skill & training.. maybe it's less in suburbs where they can't send just anybody into suburban houses or certain neighborhoods.

I see a ratio of about 10:1 contractor vehicles to branded vehicles not just around the depot, but all over brooklyn & queens where cablevision has network plant.

And you got this info where? Or you are just throwing numbers out that you thought of in your head? Can you provide a source please?


Ronkonkoma, NY
·Optimum Online
Although the numbers are obviously completely made up without basis in actual setup, I think it also comes with a lack of understanding on what group the random people that he sees working are with. I'd guess that the bulk of the "OSP" techs seen are field service techs, and some may also be construction techs too. I'd be impressed if an onlooker could tell the percentage of OSP techs they see, never mind extrapolate the percentage of contractors in any given department for the area or outside areas.