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Keller, TX
reply to FedUp

Re: FiOS DVR Manager (web-based) broken AGAIN by new update

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said by FedUp :

The problem appears to be w/ Firefox. WILL NOT CONNECT (errors out) w/ Version 10.0 or 12.0. Installed Chrome and that works, but I hate Chrome as Google doesn't allow customization like Firefox. As usual, Verizon's code monkeys didn't betatest compatibility with all browser versions. Version 12 is only 8 months old.

Works fine for me in Firefox. I am using Firefox 17.0.1, maybe it would help if you got a little more current. Or perhaps you have an add-on that is interfering, have you tried starting Firefox without any add-ons to see if there is any difference?
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I updated my version of Firefox to 17. It still errors-out on both the DVR Manager & TV Listings (running WinXP SP3- I have no use for any newer WinDoze OS's and refuse to waste my money updating to their newest BLOATWARE. WinXP is still the primary choice of the corporate community, where it holds more than a 50% share.)

Loaded Google Chrome on the computer and that actually worked for all of 3 days. Now I'm getting the same "error- failure to connect to device" that I have received w/ Firefox 10, 12, and 17. DVR Manager even worked FINE with Windows 2000 and Firefox 3.6 until this asinine "beta upgrade". Now even Google Chrome on a WinXP machine is FUBAR.

Let me make a wild guess- the code monkeys at Verizon optimized My Verizon for TABLETS, not PC's?