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PX Eliezer7
Hutt River

Bitdefender Free

I have been using Microsoft Security Essentials with no problems, but I keep reading of their mediocre detection scores.

So I decided to try the free version of Bitdefender because of their very good scores on various sites.

I've used several different free AV in the past so I have some comparative experience....

I ended up removing Bitdefender Free because:

1) It made downloading very choppy. Here is an example: If I use [Speedtest.net] to check my download speed, I usually get a final result around 17 Mbps. During the download, the needle will stay in that general area, say 15 to 20 Mbps. But after I switched to Bitdefender, the speed during the download test [fluctuated violently] from 0 to 75, then back to 0, then up to 60, etc, before ending up at the final speed of 17 Mbps. This occurred on 3 different browsers. Now with MSSE it's normal again.

2) That same choppiness could be experienced when my wife was doing online games using Chrome browser. After I switched back from Bitdefender to MSSE, it was fixed.

3) Bitdefender insisted on removing the free version of Malwarebytes, even though _that_ program does not run resident (does not run realtime).

4) The program seemed to be telling me that I would need to get a free license key by 30 days, but I just could not figure out how to get such a key.

5) I don't expect lots of features on a free program, but compared to others such as Avast or even AVG, this had pretty much no user options.

6) To control the program at all, you have to go online and log in. You can create your own account, OR they encourage you to log on by using your Facebook or Google account. Maybe I am old fashioned, but to control your AV settings by logging in with Facebook seems weird....


Well, I have gone back to MSSE.

As others have said, the AV is just about the [least] important aspect of a balanced security plan anyway....

Hilo, HI
I had Bit Defender free version back around 2005-2007. At that time it was an on demand scanner only. I used it for about two years as my only AV (before I got Avira free version). BD forced an upgrade from version 9 to 9.5 which caused a BSOD on XP Pro at boot. I contacted BD by email and they immediately blamed Spyware Blaster and Spybot Search and Destroy (which was NOT using Tea Timer). BD had insisted I use their software they sent me to gather information about my computer so that is how they knew I was using Spyware Blaster and Spybot). They demanded I uninstall both of them.

I replied and said that I had researched the issue and had learned that their driver had a long history of causing BSOD's on boot and that XP (and Microsoft's Windows Debugger) told me the cause was their driver and I asked when they planned to fix the problem, said I would not remove either program, and said I would go back to version 9 of BD free that did not cause a BSOD. I could not believe the reply I got which was (A) I was required to remove the other two softwares and (B) it was not possible to go back to version 9 because BD would immediately force an upgrade to 9.5 with the buggy driver. So, I unnstalled BD and have never used it since.
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Ontario, CAN
reply to PX Eliezer7
Small discussion here too: »[Free] BitDefender Releases Free Antivirus


Denver, CO
reply to PX Eliezer7
I had a purchased copy. Received emails after dumping it for years.

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Astoria, NY
·Time Warner Cable
reply to PX Eliezer7
I like it. I game so any AV / malware product that is light weight and easy on the resources, i'll take it. Even though it states to remove MB, i just reinstalled it and everyone lives in harmony.

I havent gotten any slow downs on my end. Still 50/5 twc connection. I wouldn't use this as a powerhouse AV software to help a network etc.. But for a single computer hanging out on the web, and doing some gaming, i think this isnt so bad.
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Built for Speed
Fort Wayne, IN
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reply to PX Eliezer7
What may be important to some users is that the current incarnation of BD Free does not quarantine most malware it detects - it simply and immediately deletes them. The few files that may get quarantined have no provision for being restored from within BD Free... the only option is to delete them. This can create some serious problems in the case of false positives, especially on system or critical apps files. On a related note, BD Free does not currently have provision for creating exceptions... so a known false-positive file on your system will constantly be deleted if you replace it from some other source. The Wilders thread indicates BD devs are looking into some possible improvements in these areas, but the current version has the issues... just something to keep in mind before committing your system to it right now.
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Lyndhurst, NJ
reply to PX Eliezer7
That's a major issue in my book. I prefer an AV that can be set to ask first before it takes any action.