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Re: [BC] Did anyone else get an extra $3 hike this month?

said by ravenchilde:

said by Rawrzy:

My friend in Sweden only pays around $20 euros for his 100MBit.

Talk to your MP. The Swedish government used heavy subsidies to spur broadband, and they have a lot more people per square kilometer on average since they are a smaller country.

Sweden: 21 people per square KM.
Canada: 3.45 people per square KM.

»internetinnovation.org/factbook/ ··· ssively/

Don't try to pull this bullshit please! I'm sure Sweden's northern most part doesn't have a 21 person per square KM ratio. So why the hell are you counting Baffin Island in the reason why Vancouver and Toronto can't have quality Internet with low prices? I would even make a wager that Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal probably have a similar population than Stockholm.

Also, it doesn't matter that there are distances between major cities in Canada, all that means is they have to have some more fibre between cities. Sweden still has to have fibre between cities, ours is just a bit longer. In addition, it's not like communities with less than 5000 people are going to be served the same level Internet as people in a major centre. Oh, and no one's going to ensure they have the same service as the ISP's are actively trying to ditch any rules ensuring they even give them basic service. There were subsidies in the past but they are no more and shouldn't be involved in any discussion here.

Finally, the majority of Canadian population lives within 300 miles of the US border so please stop using stupid statistics like counting Baffin Island's population and geographic size.

As an FYI if you look back in the late 90's and early 2000's Canada was one of the leading nations with high speed Internet. Once the Telco's and Cable companies got the initial lines laid though they've just been sitting back and drinking up the cash profits.