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Mississauga, ON
·TekSavvy DSL
reply to morisato

Re: If TekSavvi doesn't fight on Jan 14th, I'm leaving them.

said by morisato:

While some of the people like myself have legitimate concerns The problem remains we are a minority Most folks bitching Have there hands in Cookie jars, that they should not, all in all not the end of the world and yes teksavvy could oppose it on many grounds but at the end of the Day They are not the Police, they are not the privacy commissioner etc.. They are merely a Dumb Pipe to the Net and we the users are responsible for our online actions. Thus we Should be the ones to Defend them and Oppose these types of orders in a court.

I disagree. If it wasn't fishing expeditions i may sway a different way. When it comes to your customers privacy you need to take that very seriously. Just because 1 judge says ok hand it over doesn't make the reasoning behind it right. When you have someone trolling your customers, it's time you show you will not tollerate it. Lowering log retention to 4 weeks as mentioned in the other thread makes sense.

There have been cases of biased judges in Sweden over the PirateBay cases because those judges are part of lobbying groups against piracy. So if an anti-piracy outfit says boo, the judge signs.

Again, if it wasn't for a company known to extort in the masses, it may be different. Unfortunately it's not. It's a company known to have a business model of listing as many IP's on a spreadsheet as possible, placing a round number beside each IP and subtotalling it at the bottom. This isn't about "protecting" the art, it's about a new business model, a new cash cow.

The executives have admitted to this, they've been caught admitting to this. Many TorrentFreak articles in the past have been published showing this.