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[AT&T] Switching from LG GS390 to GT540 - SIM Card Not Ready

I've been using an LG GS390 "AT&T GoPhone" prepaid plan for a few years. My wife bought me a LG GT540 for Christmas. I transferred the SIM card to the new phone, powered it up, but when I open the contacts it just displays "Reading SIM Card" indefinitely.
In addition, the phone displays "Emergency Calls Only" when I start it up. There are no bars of signal displayed.
My wife thinks that transferrring the SIM is all you need to do, but I recall four years ago that I had to go to a web site and enter an IMEI number somewhere, but I forgot how to do that.

The phone is LG GT540 "unlocked" model.
Service is AT&T "GoPhone" pay as you go plan.
Area is Litchfield county, CT.

How do I solve this?

Requiescat in pace
Numquam oblitus
Hoboken, NJ
You might need to hit a store for a new sim, unless you get lucky calling in.


My sister in law showed us how to check the phone compatibility list on AT&T GoPhone's web site. Apparently that phone is not on the list. Looks like we'd have to sign up for an expensive data plan to use this phone. So it's going back.

Another thing we noticed is the label on the back of the box says AUS. Methinks this phone is for Australia, not US, anothe possible problem. Back it goes!