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Re: If TekSavvi doesn't fight on Jan 14th, I'm leaving them.

said by Tx:

said by elitefx:

said by Tx:

I'm in the hosting industry (Web, domains, Servers, colo). We are faced with simular things daily. You sir, do not understand how a business works or the legalities involved yearly. I guarantee i get more court orders then TSI in my business trying to get at my customers servers. We appeal everything...

All we ever hear is hot air and bullshit. Put your money and expertise where your mouth is. Give Teksavvy a hand. Show them how it's done.

Better yet, why don't YOU mount the legal challenge? You seem to know all about it.

Time to go BIG or go home.............

Anyway, merry christmas dude. Enjoy the time with your family. Have a good day and be safe during the new year

we should start calling this what it is....

economic terrorism. look up both words and see howi mean they apply.