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Mary Esther, FL
reply to CoxVegas

Re: [ALL] Cox Annual Speed Upgrade

What's the source? If Ultimate is going down, I'd be a happy camper, $99.00 is pricy - hopefully, our monthly cap will go up too



Las Vegas, NV
i was told this by several cox techs while they were working at my home *they were actual cox techs and not contractors*


Portsmouth, VA
Well cox pricing has always been a market by market deal, same goes for internet speed increase's. I do think Ultimate is a little to pricey, as it is $110 a month here without any kind of discounted rate. I am lucky to be one of the first couple markets, to see the 100/20 speed upgrade for ultimate.

Which makes thing's a little better, but with such a tough economy the cheaper the better. I am luckily still saving some money on ultimate promotion deal. But once it is up, I do plan to call cox and try to get some kind of discounted rate. As I do feel being a long time customer, have had there internet service since they started offering internet service way back when. So all company's should want to help offer saving's to customer's, who have been with them a long time. I understand offering deal's to get new customer's, but to me that doesn't mean you can't look out for long time customer's who stay in good standing's paying there bill's. Also offering saving's keeps your customer's happy, and the company still makes plenty of money to be successful business imo.