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A Ninja Ant
United State
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reply to Lagz

Re: Some Firefox Users Can Dump Adobe Flash

said by Lagz:

said by antdude:

said by Lagz:

It's about time. Coding to play video in browsers might become a little easier.

That's great, but can we block it like with FlashBlock extension for Flash and SilverLight videos?

So you would prefer Firefox keep lagging in HTML5 compliance and still have to rely on Adobe Flash to play videos? I am glad HTML5 is enabling web developers to ditch flash. Flash has lots of vulnerabilities. You would think as long as flash has been around it would have hardened itself by now, but its developers don't seem to be in a rush. Why would they at this point, since HTML5 is replacing the need for flash.

I don't mind dumping Flash, but are there any ways to block them?
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