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Victoria, BC
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Re: Has Shaw become too Asymmetrical and is now falling behind

I've all but given up on seeing my 10 Mbps upload speed on BB100 here in Victoria (View Royal). Although Shaw never made a formal announcement of the service date, the DNU was done long ago (at least 6-7 months). What is the delay?

It's a shame because 100 Mbps down deserves better upload for what is essentially a premium service. 5 Mbps is laughable. My cloud backups are painfully slow, Slingbox streaming impacts the network for others in the house, and so on.

Calgary, AB
Business 50 is 5 mbps upload, which is why I like it and recomend it to almost everywhere I consult to.

Business 100, has 5 mbps upload as well, for $150/month more, I would really like to see it increased to at least 10 mbps, expecially for the price increase.

Business 250 has the 15 mbps upload, but it is $350/month - $250/month more than the 50 mbps servce.

Residental 250 has 15 mbps, but in my opinion, the upload should be at least 10% or better of the download.

The 4x4 and 8x4 modems are definately capable (and if the 4x4 modems can offer 50 and 100 mbps download without too many issues) it shouldn't be an issue to really crank up the upload to 50 mbps or so on the big packages.
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