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Texan and Proud
Baytown, TX
reply to stonhinge

Re: Crown of the Heavens

They should have left the old alone

the amount of stats from them would be so little at top level amounts that most wouldn't bother unless they already had the rep (or would just dungeon grind the rep over night.)

so ya this is a slap in the face.

if they're putting a head enchant back in they all need to come back.
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Rosedale, WV
I tend to agree with this statement.

They should put them all back.

I worked my ass off specifically for them. And on Alts.

MOP is not Alt friendly enough. I will NOT be grinding Rep on Alts, with the exception of Order of the Cloud Serpent for the "Free" Mount. I have 2 of them and now I am working the third. But Blizz is outta their damn minds if they think I will grind Klaxxi on a second alt, even with the buff.


Rosedale, WV
I feel. And I am not alone. That Rep should be Account bound.

Head enchants being taken out was lame at best.

Once you were exalted on one, they were BOA.

I see no bad in that type system. It was Alt friendly.

Grinding Rep to be Honored/Revered just to be able to spend 2200 VP on gear however is a bit under whelming to me. There is loads to do in the game and making things less accessible is a turn off.

Then again. I have of late been growing weary of the WOW thing.
I focus on achievements on my "main" and solo play. (Well more solo then the average WOW player)
Do not really Raid but once in a blue moon. However I like to plow thru World stuff. Nothing like rounding up 25 mobs and pew pew.

Complaint is more about accessibility and alt friendliness.

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Mentor, OH
I feel. And I am not alone. That Rep should be Account bound.

I can see that.
I currently see no reason why I should waste my time grinding rep on all my toons expect my main.
For example: All my toons that have riding or flying can use the lorewalkers flying cloud/disk. So why waste the time grinding that rep on all my toons?
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