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Richmond, BC
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Re: Has Shaw become too Asymmetrical and is now falling behind

The problem is upload bandwidth on cable is about 1/20th what the download is - for the most part, the upstream occupies channels between 0-54MHz, while downloads can occupy that all the way up to 1GHz. Now, a lot of it is used for stuff like TV and phone service, so it's not quite a 1:20 ratio.

The big problem is someone doing huge uploads slows everyone else on a node down because the TCP ACK packets don't go back to the server in a timely fashion, so latency and apparent speed go down tremendously. It's why Shaw had to do upload management (using the Ellacoya boxes to throttle Bittorrent uploads).

Now, DOCSIS 3 gives you more capacity for a given bandwidth but you're still limited to everyone in a node. Give people a 50Mbps upload and just a few people uploading at full rate will basically take down a node. Heck, I'm sure it'll happen at 10Mbps. Of course, the first thing to go would be Shaw's unlimited bandwidth plans because the only way to get them is at the higher speeds and uploads.

Of course, not too many people upload tons yet - I still bet a huge consumer of upload bandwidth is still stuff like Bittorrent - while most people actually consume downloads with stuff like Netflix, CinemaNow, YouTube and other download services. FaceTime and the like are still small time consumers.

Calgary, AB
The DPC3825 when I looked was 0-108MHz (where the FM stations went).

4x4 is 160 mbps down 160 mbps up, if 50 mbps is ok to offer downstream, the tech is also there to offer it up. Same thing happens with a couple people in the neighborhood maxing the 100 or 250 mbps downstream.

I think the bigger issue is transit costs for the upload.
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