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[speed/latency] upgrade provisioned at 1.5, how do stats look?

Hi everyone, just upgraded from 1mbps to 1.1-3mbps, and was provisioned at 1.5mbps. I was wondering how my stats look, if 1.5mbps is the best I can get or if it might be possible to somehow get a higher speed (I'm assuming the former but hoping for the latter!)

Speed (Down/Up): 1792 Kbits/sec by 448 Kbits/sec
Transceiver Revision: 
Vendor ID Code: 4
Line Mode: G.DMT Mode
Data Path: Interleaved
Transceiver Information Downstream Path Upstream Path
DSL Speed (Kbits/Sec) 1792 448
Margin (dB) 8.5 19.0
Line Attenuation (dB) 59.5 31.5
Transmit Power (dBm) 15.5 11.9

Milford, NH
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Re: [speed/latency] upgrade provisioned at 1.5, how do stats loo

You are OK at 1.5 Mps but not much more. Notice downstream margin is only 8.5 dB. Upstream is fine. That that would be easy to upgrade except Verizon couple downstream and upstream together.

It is always worth a try to see if something within your residence is degrading performance as that is something you can fix.

Try connecting the modem directly to the phone company NID test jack and see if stats improve.

Another option it to try to get switched from ADSL to ADSL2. ADSL2 does better job on marginal lines. Verizon does not offer it so may be a hard sell. Given your attenuation you are about 15,000 feet. I'm actually a little surprised they were willing to give you 1.5.


Warwick, RI
reply to moose778

If the download margin does not improve at the NID you are at risk of being further optimized. You want to try and get that download margin up to at least 10db or better. If the optimizer kicks in you will see top sync speeds before overhead at 1504 after PPPoe overhead will only see ~1400 or so. If you get better at the NID you will need to clean up inside wiring or do a homerun for the DSL. Also the low download margin may become an issue during the summer months when the aging copper heats up further reducing that number. During the heat of summer you could see speeds dropping as low as ~1200 as line conditions become worse.