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Grand Island, NE
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Re: DSLR stocking stuffer...

Normally the box should have a drop shadow, making it stand out more.
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Yeah, I remember that it used to, but they seem to have removed it (at least for the themes that I looked at). There also used to be a background gradient which I haven't seen in awhile (which is fine since it tended to be rather dark and made dark text somewhat less easy to read).

[Edit:] Ahhh, wait... I think I know what happened (without bothering to actually check)--the site's style sheet still has -moz- on the box-shadow and linear-gradient declarations and the newer versions of Firefox ignore the old syntax. Meh. [Edit#2: they use the old image gradient method]

[Edit#3: for those using a newer release of Firefox and aren't seeing a box shadow now and want to...] The site's box shadow varies with the theme you're using, but if you're using a light theme then it would either be the following or something close to it:
box-shadow: 5px 5px 5px rgba(0,0,0,0.6) !important;
(which you can add somewhere in the .nicetitle ruleset)
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