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Mentor, OH
reply to decifal

Re: ever

said by decifal:

Ever wonder where it will all stop? Stuff can't seriously just keep increasing.. I'm getting ready to just hammer the library for entertainment if things keep on this trend man...

Turn down your pay raise. Employees like pay raises. Where do companies get the extra money for pay raises? Through price hikes.

Also consider Dish had to settle with AMC, and Pay what ever they paid Fox.
Which also leads to a price hike.
It's a never ending cycle.
Is a person a failure for doing nothing? Or is he a failure for trying, and not succeeding at what he is attempting to do? What did you fail at today?.


How many employees these days get automatic 5-6% pay raises per year? How many employees can unilaterally decide raise their own pay? Not many these days... Groups of employees that have such pay arrangements are considered by the right wing of this country to be parasites and have been targeted for elimination. However, when a corporation does the same thing its lassie fair capitalism at its finest.

Ashburn, VA
reply to Snakeoil
I would hope that the employee is evaluated and if determined to be eligible for any kind of raise that it would be justified as the employee's work and experience should be more valuable to the company. If the employee is not more efficient at what they do or if they cannot improve the results for the company, changes should be made, but a pay raise should not be one of them.

Blame the ridiculous spending by our government that is creating a crazy rate of inflation most of our salaries cannot hope to keep pace with in the long run. There are plenty of sacrifices that I am willing to make, but it starts with a cornucopia of programs that should never have been funded in the first place. A little short-sighted relief is going to ruin this economy for good.

reply to big_e

What we are seeing here is UNfettered GREED, nothing else.

Not only that I agree with the other poster that mentioned that for the price of pay tv there is almost NOTHING worthwhile on it for the money anymore. Yet the prices keep going up, while the programming quality keeps going down, and the number of ads is increasing during the program time.

I've had enough a couple of years ago and cut the cord.

Now my internet provider is trying to goose me on my internet cost. Even though I was happy with a lower speed tier they won't offer it anymore so they expect me to pay higher prices for higher speeds I don't want or NEED.

Next up I'll be getting rid of my internet subscription as well.

These companies think people are so addicted to pay tv and internet that they will empty their pockets to keep it.

I'll be happy to prove them wrong, when the prices get unreasonable I walk.

Go Colts
Fort Wayne, IN
said by 15444104:

What we are seeing here is UNfettered GREED, nothing else.

Welcome to capitalism, the free market, human nature...take your pick.

Consumer goods and services in a free market society that is not under a monopoly will naturally find a balance between what companies need to charge to cover their costs and make a profit, and what consumers are willing to pay.

I'll be happy to prove them wrong, when the prices get unreasonable I walk.

So, with that logic since you presumably aren't walking now after this raise, then you find the price not unreasonable. Interesting.
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