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reply to racerboX

Re: [INTERNET] Overage usage skyrocketing

said by racerboX:


We were out of town over the weekend and I unplugged the modem and router completely. After getting back, I plugged it back in and checked the the usage again on the cogeco site...It still displayed uploads near 10gb for those few days (when the modem was unplugged). I called cogeco and when I told them about this they finally agreed that something was wrong on their end. (They were able to see that the modem was just powered back on and was not on over the weekend.) I was told that I wouldn't be charged for going over and let's hope that's reflected on the next bill.

What concerns me is that during the last call we made before this, they just said sorry they weren't responsible and we would have to pay the full amount (which was like $500 over two months). Also, no explanation as to why no notification emails were sent. Anyways, I switched the modem and the usage from yesterday dropped from about 10gb upload to 400mb... go figure.

How often is this happening to people, and they aren't noticing it?

Pretty shady situation