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Tucson, AZ

Anyone try this out yet? or have access code?

Sounds interesting. I have Netflix, and am an Amazon Prime member, but wouldn't mind seeing what other content this gets.


Two Harbors, MN
I have had it for about 2 weeks now. The first thing you'll notice is that on the "streaming" side there are very few titles available, less than 100 I'd say and of those about half are straight to disc "B" horror flix. Second, if you add blu-rays during your "free" month, it ends your free period immediately and bills you $9 plus tax, not the $1 upgrade, and they will not refund this. That isn't too bad because then you have 4 DVD credits and 4 Blu-Ray credits but, and here's the real stinker, if you use your account to reserve discs online NO NEW TITLES WILL EVER APPEAR AVAILABLE. They feed you only low demand and old titles. I proved this today by standing outside 2 kiosks in town and browsed with my Beta account and with the kiosk screen and they are not even close to being similar. I sent tech support an e-mail and got a canned response about not having an established relationship with "the industry". There is apparently a way to use your credits directly at the kiosk but I haven't tried that out. Of the 2 or 3 movies I tried streaming, the picture fits in a box surrounded by black borders on all sides - not letterboxing or pillarboxing - just like a small web vid that can't be resized. I have HuluPlus, Amazon Prime, and NetFlix streaming and RedBox can't compete against any of them on any front. Major disappointment.

Do Not Subscribe To RedBox Instant. They hardly have any movies. The Free Trial Membership with 4 free dvd rentals at a kiosk is tricky. They told me to select a movie and then swipe my card which would recognize my membership and thus not charge me for it. Well they did charge me and then refused to re credit my card. I called to cancel my membership and was told to go the website. I did and viola! their entire website was off line. I had to call my bank and block them charging my card!!!
The Worst Customer Service I Have Ever Encountered From Any Company!!!! Stay Away From RedBox and RedBox Instant...!!