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Clinton, NJ
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Re: [Rant] [LONG]Another Tale of Multiple Truck Rolls

Well, a call to the power company was entirely fruitless. To be honest however, I really didn't know what to say other than "Our cable internet service isn't working right and Comcast says its a power interference issue somewhere in town, can you guys come out and fix it?". Other than being asked if my power is working (which is fine), they said I need to call Comcast to get cable issues resolved. Duh...

I have no idea what/where or IF there's a power issue affecting Comcast's plant! Not so convinced its a subscriber's responsibility to chase something like this down anyways... Plus how the heck can someone articulate detailed technical specifics to anyone much less the FCC or BPU? So far there's not been a single response here on DSLR saying if such a power noise condition causing cable outages is even possible. And if so, a typical person has both the equipment and knowledge to pinpoint what or where the problem is??

Gotta say this is getting bizarre. Meanwhile service has been especially bad (intermittently up-and-down) for the past 2 days. All I know is that we're not the only folks impacted -- other than talking with neighbors, I get the distinct impression its fairly widespread on this end of town.

Quakertown, PA

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I didnt suggest or expect the poco to respond to you. I said they will respond to your PUC. They are the ones that will get results. My son works for the poco. He is always the one that says its the power company. They dont have to care and they dont. Well thats until the puc comes calling. To the poco comcast is just some company cluttering up the poles. Kind of like the fat lady in the middle of the isle at the grocery store that is always in your way and just a general nuisance.