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[Connectivity] Intermittent Latency and Packet Loss 16 Weeks

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Basically seeing exactly the same thing that TimHaag is over here: »Latency and Packet Loss Problems - Over 2 months

Basically started happening after a county-wide HSI outage the first week of September. Rock solid connection before that for years.

I've had three tech visits, and a dozen or so calls, so far with another tech scheduled for this Saturday. I've had a thread over in the direct forum for a couple months now. ComcastSteve re-provisioned my modem and 'changed some things on the back-end' but no noticeable changes.

You can see the blip on Monday where the last tech disconnected my cable while testing. Since then it's been less intermittent and more constantly unusable. Supposedly all he was able to do was swap out a barrel connector and put a new end on the cable coming into the house. Unfortunately, he took the old connector so I can't try to put it back on to see if I can at least get back to intermittent suck. In addition to making it worse they said that the last visit would be by a 'supervisor tech'. I honestly hope he wasn't trying to explain 'high latency' was met with 'you're talking above my level' comments.

The second graph shows the 4-12 hour chunks of issues every few days and the constant issues since the last tech.

My layout is basically: outside Comcast box > 20ft of cable > barrel connector > 20ft of cable > 2-way splitter > modem and tuner.

Levels don't seem to fluctuate at all for the good or bad times. They're always withing a couple percent of where they are in the last picture.

The first step of troubleshooting was a new modem. Old was a Zoom 5341 and the new one is a 5341J no difference between the two at all.

At this point I don't really know what else to tell them to try and get this resolved.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


Clinton, NJ
If/when you figure it out, please share your secret. I've been working a nearly identical issue since October. See: »[Rant] [LONG]Another Tale of Multiple Truck Rolls We're in the same church different pew!



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Tech came out Saturday and replaced the drop to the street but otherwise said he didn't see any issues. My upstream power is better than it was though so that's a plus. Went from 45-49 to 42-43. Been good since then, packet loss in the single digits per hour, but then again it's only been a couple days so time will tell.


[Rant] Somewhere in the beginning of this whole mess I told Comcast that I had planned on upgrading to Extreme 50 once the issue was fixed. I had been wanting to upgrade any way and it might add a little incentive for them. Now that things seem to be resolved with the connection I did what I said I would and upgraded. Oh lookie, they can't seem to figure out how to push the new config file. How do these people stay in business when it seems like they are unable to do ANYTHING without a half dozen phone calls and a tech visit. What are the odds that they'll call me in the promised 24 to 96 hours with a resolution?