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Dover, DE
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Re: [Rant] [LONG]Another Tale of Multiple Truck Rolls

line tech here...yes RFI from the power company can and will cause upstream interference. we can track it by using a good AM radio signal and drive out a pole span until the RFI washes out the station. from there we call the poco dispatch and ask for them to send a truck out for an RFI issue at pole #blahblahblah

there is no solid communication between the two companies, unless someone at comcast has a solid contact at the poco. My construction guy has a good working relationship with 1 of the 3 pocos in my area. So when i have an issue with either a cracked insulator, a bad street light, whatever, I have him email the guy he knows and he will let my guy know what the truck finds out there.

but most times its just "hey we have a problem", "ok we will check it out" and thats that.

so you can drive out your area with your AM radio and track it yourself, the wash out will be very apparent so long as you have a good station to start.
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Clinton, NJ
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Thanks for the info gar187er! Your post was very helpful and at a minimum validates powerco equipment can cause upstream problems. You mentioned AM radio and I tried your suggestion but didn't come up with anything that "washed out" a station within a relatively short 10 minute ride around this end of town. That ofc means nothing -- could be I wasn't near enough the offending street's RFI source.

@rody: In NJ the BPU will generally not even accept a complaint unless you've made a reasonable [read: heroic] effort with the utility first. I learned this from personal experience about 20+ years ago. All my efforts thus far have focused on Comcast not the powerco.

@nrobot80: This issue has been around long before the holidays but only recently (past ~4 weeks) has powerco interference become a prime suspect. I've already called my local franchise authority and am meandering through that process. FCC? Haven't tried yet, but I was advised unless its a matter of life-safety communications the FCC wouldn't address something this localized for months if at all.

As it stands right now Comcast is escalating within their own structure and powerco channels. With the holidays I'm sure everyone is operating on skeleton crews and dispatches limited to only serious outages. Fortunately we [re]installed DSL here a couple weeks ago so when CC internet gets really bad there's backup connectivity albeit m-u-c-h slower. At least that kind of reduces some urgency for the time being...