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Clinton, NJ
reply to wTheOnew

Re: [Connectivity] Intermittent Latency and Packet Loss 16 Weeks

If/when you figure it out, please share your secret. I've been working a nearly identical issue since October. See: »[Rant] [LONG]Another Tale of Multiple Truck Rolls We're in the same church different pew!



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Tech came out Saturday and replaced the drop to the street but otherwise said he didn't see any issues. My upstream power is better than it was though so that's a plus. Went from 45-49 to 42-43. Been good since then, packet loss in the single digits per hour, but then again it's only been a couple days so time will tell.


[Rant] Somewhere in the beginning of this whole mess I told Comcast that I had planned on upgrading to Extreme 50 once the issue was fixed. I had been wanting to upgrade any way and it might add a little incentive for them. Now that things seem to be resolved with the connection I did what I said I would and upgraded. Oh lookie, they can't seem to figure out how to push the new config file. How do these people stay in business when it seems like they are unable to do ANYTHING without a half dozen phone calls and a tech visit. What are the odds that they'll call me in the promised 24 to 96 hours with a resolution?