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Can you guys interept my wireshark graphs

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There is one graph taken in the morning when my internet is great and when my latency is great but the other graph is usaully 20 hours a day.

Im with Centurylink and i understand im with AT&T second but i need your guys help interepting my wireshark graphs

Here is a link to my issue
»2 phone lines 2 modems high ping/latency Might of resolved

And also is there anyway to fix it? Because that graph that you see i am getting around 500ms and that second graph 33ms to google.com. Ever sense i got a new ADDIOTNAL line this is what has been happening. It use to be really good internet until July before i got that additnal line. If you want to read about click that link. All help would be appercaited and it seems that AT&T techs might know a little more (:

1st Chart = Taken at 9:00 pm Last night
2nd Chart = Taken 6:50 am this morning
3rd Chart = Taken at 1:50 pm today


You guys were a great help. Thanks alot.


Raleigh, NC
reply to Zero8270

Wireshark will tell you nothing about latency. It is only telling you how fast(how many packets a second) data is being transferred.

What would have been more helpful is a graph of your modems bitload and good luck finding that most days now as most providers either rip it out of the firmware or bury it deep. Also I read in the CentruyLink forum you found out it was a over subscribed dslam. That would not have show up on any useful graph/information produced from your modem.



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reply to Zero8270

i am sure you are wrong, On Chart 1 and Chart 3 i am downloading at 300kbps which would would explain my high latency. Those charts i see as are "conjested routers" As i tell you that Chart 2 was taken early in the morning why chart 1 and 3 are taken durning "Peak hours" and the charts even look like its conjested. So therefore you are wrong inless you can prove me other wise,

And wireshark does tell me if its a latency problem because if it was a "conjested problem" then a conjested problem would affect latecny. As ive explained throughly on my other post when i ran wireshark anywhre from 3 am to 6:30 am in the morning my charts look like CHART 2 and it was a direct relation to GREAT pings but as CHART 1 and CHART 3 was taken i ran tracert and pingtest and it turned out to be high ping.

I also see that you have failed to tell me what those charts are telling me if its not a conjested router or "oversold DSLAM"