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A Lurker
that's Ms Lurker btw
Wellington N

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Licensing really sucks (MPAA)

So, I'm snooping around on Amazon.com the other day and would love to add the following into my cart:

Dave's World, Season 1 ($13.17)
Actually, can't ship this to Canada
Canadian shipping seller (new) 6.22 + 6.89 = $13.11
Amazon.ca - $34.99

Dave's World, Season 2 ($14.61)
Also, can't ship to Canada
Canadian shipping seller (new) 14.43 + 12.29 = $26.72
Amazon.ca - $35.24

Dave's World, Season 3 ($34.95) + shipping
This one ships to Canada, but Amazon mfgs it when ordered
Canadian shipping seller (new) 31.07 + 12.29 = $43.36
Amazon.ca - doesn't even show as available

Dave's World, Season 4
Not available on DVD
Season 3 was just released this year, so who knows.

Checked - doesn't show as available on Netflix.

- - - - -

98 episodes - downloadable, I'd be willing to go $0.50 an episode (might even go $1.00 depending on the series). Consider it's the unsold stock that's selling at $13 and $14, and add in packaging, distribution, Amazon's profit.

There are a number of older TV shows I'd personally be willing to do this for. I'm certainly not the only one. I'd rather have them electronically so I can dump them onto a hard drive (rather than the ones I have purchased taking up room on my book shelves). Sad isn't it, when consumers are willing to pay, but the distributors aren't keeping up with the times.

Checked Amazon.co.uk just for fun (not sold), but here's a weirdness, only because it was on the front page of the TV section:

Columbo - Complete Series
33.50 GBP - shipped to Canada 31.00 GBP total (no VAT)
$111.00 CAD (free shipping)
$127.00 USD (with shipping & import fee deposit - $160.64)

I know that the British version and the US version had the same number of discs. The Canadian page was vague. However, if I had a region-free player... oops I do, so for $49.70 I could purchase it from the UK and have it shipped here. Have done so in the past for something that wasn't available here at all. Insane, isn't it. Technically I might have to pay import duties on the British purchase, but I'd bet it's still cheaper than paying for it here in Canada.

A Lurker
that's Ms Lurker btw
Wellington N

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Meant to say that this was all predicated by the Voltage brew-ha-ha in the Teksavvy forums. Dave's World I would likely pay for... Columbo, not so much. Although it would have been a great present for my dad were he still alive.

Fort Erie, ON
reply to A Lurker

Amazon US has no problem accepting Canadian billing addresses on the US site and shipping to a different US address. Just something to keep in mind if you notice a huge difference between American and Canadian pricing, as happens more often than it ever should.

analog andy

Surrey, BC
reply to A Lurker

I'm just getting into online media and its pretty SAD how little is available to Canada with out having to circumvent using dns servers/vpn.

For me if I can't get it at a descent price or its not available I just download it, just don't care anymore what kind of retarded contracts studios have with themselves.


Ottawa, ON
reply to A Lurker

That licensing model is seriously inadequate nowadays.

reply to A Lurker

The Canadian rights holders are more likely to blame for greed over the MPAA.

Take Pandora radio. Many US friends love the service, as do I (if I fire up a VPN). They'd love to launch in Canada, but the license fees wanted are obscene.
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reply to A Lurker

Try at these places for the DVD



Midland, ON
reply to A Lurker

I don't think this has anything to do with licensing or rights, it's because this product isn't sold by amazon directly, it is sold by a third party and fufilled by amazon. I don't think their systems allow for those types of products to be shipped accross the border. I've had similar problems with products sold by third parties on amazon.

The fact that it's availible at all on amazon.ca suggests that it is fully licensed in Canada. the one that gets manufacturered is sold by amazon and that's why it will ship.

Look for a different retailer who will ship it directly.

Whatta Ya Think About Dat?
Kitchener, ON
·Rogers Portable ..
reply to analog andy

Yeah, I was wondering if it was on HuluPlus. I'll need to check when I get home.

And, yeah, crazy how we need to do VPN's to see US content. Even odder how these VPN providers are actually registered Canadian companies and charge GST.

Works for me....
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A Lurker
that's Ms Lurker btw
Wellington N
reply to Tenar

said by Tenar:

I don't think this has anything to do with licensing or rights.

Well, it does indirectly. If they could get away from the traditional DVD/box model and go to online sales then the problem would be what's available by country. ie. you see much more on Netflix if you're signing in from a US DNS instead of Canadian.

I'm actually at the point where I'd prefer an electronic version over stuff I need to make space for on the bookcases in the house. I know I'm kidding myself that it will change soon though.

Amazon fulfillment sales don't ship to Canada (some of the resellers do). I didn't really see any better options on ebay and such. I'll likely break down and buy them in the next few days. I was hoping to find one option that would ship all 3 seasons, but so far no luck. I did check Netflix US first though, as I'm a Netflix Canada member and they seem not to care if I log in using a US DNS. No luck though.