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[TV] HD box issue

Bought the rogers explorer 4250HD box 3 years ago on this same day and it has been mostly working okay except for TSN. For some reason that one channel sometimes malfunction on me with I watch it through the box. I remember I went to ask for a box exchange within the first week of purchase, but it was still the same. Sometimes it is fine, other times the TSN channel will be extremely choppy or sometimes even just show a grey screen. But the channel is fine when I watch it using regular cable.

I've asked for help here before but no one seem to know the reason so I kinda gave up. Recently I feel like dumping rogers and jump over to bell where my home phone and internet are but my family don't want to change just for one channel's problem.

So I want to give rogers one last chance. If they can give me a new/extra hd box that can fix this channel issue, I'll stick around. Does anyone have similar experience with rogers before? And if you do, how did you approach their retention centre or whatnot?


Scarborough, ON
Tell them you want to cancel and explain why. The best you'll get from retention is a free rental of an HD terminal for 1 or two years, so if that isn't going to suffice, I wouldn't even waste your time.

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Not sure why Rogers can't run a line test to see if there is a problem?
I own two HD boxes. I get that choppy interference from time to time... or the audio will cut out in places. I find it happen mostly on 115-120. I think that block is primarily the Global network. I noticed when I logged into my HD receiver, the statistics showed that there was a high amount of noise on the line. If I change the channel to something out of that range it's fine. Also noticed that it's more than likely a problem on my end as if I giggle the cable going into the back of my Rogers PVR... the signal gets a HELL of a lot worse... and then it clears back up for a bit. Can't be bothered figuring out what it is as it's just a small channel block that's affected on my end. No doubt some loose or broken cable connection but I've checked to make sure everything is tight.
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if you are using a DECT 6.0 phone made by Panasonic -- THAT may be the reason that you are having this problem. If you are using a DECT 6.0 phone move the base station to a different location and see if the problem goes away. You may need to try several locations.

This happened to me a couple of years ago ... and some very smart female tech got so fed up with my situation she called her supervisor and he asked her to ask me if I had a DECT 6.0 phone system in place

I replace all my DECT 6.0 PANASONIC phone with DECT 6.0 AT&T Phones ---- no problems. Apparently the Panasonic DECT 6.0 phones have some frequency issues with certain Cable TV channels.... and it varies which makes it very difficult to pin down which is why I switched brands.
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Thanks for all the replies guys!

On what ground do you base your reply on? I mean, how can you be sure the retention will give me free rental on the HD terminal? Just asking

Same here, I didn't really bother to look for the issue when I first got the box 3 years ago because it was only for one channel. But I am thinking whether I should another company and see if I have the same problem with another box.

No I don't have cordless home phones so it has to be something else for me.