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Bowling Green, KY

Extremely Disappointed in Insight

My family has been with Insight for many, many years (from Storer Cable to TKR to Intermedia to Insight) and I've always liked their services. When I struck out on my own two years ago, I decided to stick with them, and have been generally happy. However, I've recently decided to switch to DirecTV for my television services. This is where my trouble with Insight begins.

I called in mid-October, when I first began thinking about this switch, to see when my contract was officially up (I'd signed one when I got the service as part of a promotional offer). I was told December 14th. I let the matter drop.

Fast forward to early December. I get a postcard about my promotional package ending and getting something called "Insight Rewards" and call again to see what the rates will be. I was told things would be increasing about $10-15 a month, and again am told that my contract ends on December 14th.

Last week, I finalize my decision to get DirecTV. On the 20th, I call Insight to start the ball rolling and get a rate on just internet service, because I'm really happy with that service. I'm told that it will be $45.00 a month since I'm unbundling, and that I'd have to pay a termination fee because my contract ends on December 29th. Wait, what? After some back and forth with the CSR, whose name I made sure to write down this time, I say "Forget it, I can wait another week." However, this makes me much happier in my decision to switch.

Today, I call because I set up the DirecTV appointment and want to schedule things to be disconnected on the 29th. "Sure, no problem. Just keeping internet will be $59.95 a month plus a modem rental fee, for a total of $62.95 a month." Waitaminute. After telling the CSR what the previous CSR told me, I was given an offer of a free upgrade to 20.0 internet for six months - but only if I kept my cable. If I wanted just internet, it was $62.95. No budging.

I ask to speak with a Supervisor. After several minutes on hold, I get the supervisor, and am given the same runaround. He offers me $5.00 a month credit for six months - if I keep the internet and cable both (a worse deal than the CSR offered!). After I told him I would be looking elsewhere, I was told "I'm sorry that I can't help. Have a great day."

I searched around for a while and thought "What if I add a phone? I'm getting 3-4 mailings a week asking me to get Insight Phone. Maybe I can keep the bundle." I called in again - no dice. Not only would the internet be $62.95, but I wouldn't even qualify for the $19.95 pricing on the phone. All told, it would cost right at, or just over $100 a month.

I'm extremely disappointed in Insight that they continually fed me misinformation and downright lied to me. I'm extremely disappointed that the best retention offer that I could get as a loyal customer was $59.95 a month for 10.0 service, when a new customer can get 30.0 service for $60.00. I'm extremely disappointed that they would rather lose a customer totally than honor a price that one of their CSRs quoted. But, most of all, I'm extremely disappointed in customer service in general right now.

I don't post this to bash Insight (completely), but to warn all of you that may deal with them. Get names, get confirmation numbers, get anything you can in writing, because they will try to weasel their way out of anything if they at all can.


Clarksville, IN
Just out of curiosity, did you actually speak to someone in the retention, or just a regular CSR? I have thankfully had pretty good success when just immediately asking for someone in retention then going through the whole round around with a CSR.


Bowling Green, KY
An Update.

I did indeed speak with someone in retention (two people now, in fact). The first person told me that he was discouraged from saying that once I became an internet only customer, I would be able to call in and get a lower rate than $59.95 a month. He told me to wait a few days and call back.

In the meantime, I get my bill, which was printed prior to my calling to cancel anything. My pricing had ended and, instead of being in "Insight Rewards" and going up $10-15 as I posted earlier, it had gone from $124.66 to $186.33 - a whopping $62 increase! Yet another lie from Insight, it seems.

So, I waited and called back this afternoon. After going through multiple people and ending up with a supervisor, I am offered a $3.00 a month for six months - even worse than I'd been offered earlier on. I asked for a phone number so that I could contact the corporate office to express my displeasure at how I've been treated. He checked and gave me the number to call.

I call that number, and it's disconnected. I search online (because I thought I'd written it down incorrectly) and find the number to the Insight Corporate Office. It too is disconnected. I know Insight is owned by Time Warner now, but they're still being operated as a separate entity.

At this point, I'm really not sure what to do. I know I'm coming across as someone that's demanding, but I'm less upset at the cost than at how I've been treated. If I had been told the first time I called in "Well, sir, your contract will end on December 29th and unfortunately when you cancel your cable service, your internet only service will be $59.95 a month", I would've been shocked, but could've accepted it. Instead, I've been given the runaround and blatantly lied to. What would be a good next step, given that I cannot call a corporate office? Are there any next steps?

I want to vote with my wallet and cancel service with Insight completely. However, having no internet service is not an option for me, and no other alternative is available. I don't have a home phone so there is no dial-up option. DSL service is not available here either.

Very, very frustrated right now.