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They are too busy to connect me

Rural Washington, Snohomiush County. I have had Hughes Satellite. Iwill do anythng for a broadband connection. So...In Sept my neighbor across the street paid $5k to comcast to run coax to his house from the fiber tap 4 poles down. Now there's a splitter on my phone pole so I called and asked for service. It has been three months, I have the number of the engineer and call her (CASEY BROWN) every two weeks for the past three months. There's always another reason or excuse as to why they are not working on my project. What's a person to do...


Union City, GA
Try to get in touch with your local franchise authority. Let them know that Comcast extended the plant to in front of your house and you would like to pay for service. Its a lot of work but in the long run you will get service.
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