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Anyone else remember ISDN?
Premium,Ex-mod 2002-08
Chicago, IL

Have Republic XT and don't plan to root

Not during beta, anyway.

They are doing something different and groundbreaking with this phone, and it IS in test. The hybrid wifi capabilities of the phone are exciting, in that they may lower cost in other places, or at least expand a reliable footprint for the phone. A phone that bypasses the need for femtocells and just uses wifi to route it's regular communications is a great idea.

Rooting the phone, especially for the price, kinda means you're a selfish bastard who doesn't give a crap about anything other than his own immediate gratification. It is in test, and they will continue to test. Yes, it shouldn't have the bloatware on it, and Facebook will be coming off, but if that lowers the price that Motorola charges them for the phone, and ultimately the price that we pay, I'm willing to put up with it... for now.

I have modified the phone using the Android developer tools to allow me to save any downloaded app to the SD card. That should cause any problems, and if it did, that'd be the first place I'd look, by moving an app back to internal storage.

$19/month is very, very inexpensive. Be happy with that. For now, I'm carrying the phone as a second cell. Since switching my iPhone over to Straight Talk, I have no problem investing those savings ($80/month) into new phones and toys. Got a Wahoo ANT+ case and sensors for my road bike, and the Republic Phone. I've still spent less than I would have with AT&T in the past six months.