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Lanett, AL
reply to Jobbie

Re: [Theory] What is your thing in WoW?

Jack of all trades (not the achievement)?

I was into raiding but have never been in a very progression focused guild. We raided current content and wanted to do our best but we almost never go to the end of any tier I think (we may have actually downed anub when it was current in ToC, don't remember, and we got to Rag in current but didn't down him).

In LK I had every Northrend rep at 999/1000 exalted except kaluak and oracles/frenzyheart. I kinda took a break from the rep grind in cata and only really focused on the ones with the stuff I needed or wanted. I'm somewhere in the middle now for MoP.

If I had to pick one thing specifically I would pick achievements. I've always been interested in doing them but actually haven't really done all of the world event ones yet (I have some). Prior to Christmas I was actually working on Outland Raider achieve and have 3 left to go.

I do have every profession across my high level toons except enchanting (I do have enchanting on a low level mage) but my GF has maxed enchanting so I have it covered. I tried pet battles, it's OK but not really grabbing my attention that well.

I may also be an altoholic now that I think of it. Prior to the free 80 SoR, I had two max level (for Cata) toons, a DK and druid. I also have an 80 hunter on another server that got transferred over. Thanks to the free 80 I quickly had a max level priest and paladin too. Right now, my DK is my only 90; priest, druid and paladin are each 88, hunter is still 85.