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Snellville, GA

[Speed Problem] Crazy fluctuations in speed on 6 Mbps AT&T DSL..

I have the 6 MBPS AT&T DSL. I have a relatively new account - less than two weeks old. I am running a Netgear DM111 ADSL2 modem attached to a Linksys E4200 wireless router.

Prior to this, I was running Comcast 20 MBPS+ cable internet. The router was connected to it and I *NEVER* had these issues.

Now, I'm getting speeds all over the map. Right now, the speed is so slow that I can't even connect to speedtest.net to get an accurate speed reading. Sometimes, I'm running 56k and other times I'm running 4800K. I have yet to see anything close to 6 Mbps since I've been connected.

The modem is the only thing plugged into my phone lines. When I click on the status button, it shows :

"Downstream connection speed 4960 Kbps
Upstream Connection Speed 512 Kbps
VCI 35"

The modem is the only thing plugged into the phone jack in the entire house.

I have multiple wireless and wired computers, tablets, etc. They all show the same variations in speed. Even when only one device is in use, it will have huge variations in speed.

I have tried new DNS servers.. same thing.

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Re: [Speed Problem] Crazy fluctuations in speed on 6 Mbps AT&T D

Downstream connection speed 4960 Kbps looks to be a problem. It says your line is not capable of 6M service and may be unstable, hence the provisioning below what it will take to get 6M.

DNS has nothing to do with this.

Call AT&T support and have the line checked.

Also, test at the NID if possible to eliminate inside wiring from the situation.


Snellville, GA
Just figured out that I have an inside wiring problem. However, I'm currently wired directly to the NID and it still hasn't fixed my speed issues. It has fixed my attenuation and noise issues though.

Just spoke with the support people and they are doing a truck roll in the morning... While plugged into the NID, my attenuation is 28 and noise is 20... but still only getting 1.5 Mbps on a 6.0 Mbps connection.