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Glendale Heights, IL
reply to bendover

Re: modem selection / or jump ship and go with comcrap

the new docsis 3.0 modem did the trick. i got the motorola sb6580 and its way better. connects with 8 down channels and 2 channels upstream. so far everything is working smooth. seems like a big difference. i am using the on board router as my dhcp server with an 8 port switch. i am running 2 hdhomerun tuners and 1 hdhomerun prime cable card network tuner. accessed by 4 seperate media center computers used as tvs and 1 xbox used with mce extender on 1 tv. i use microsoft mediacenter for my tv and dvr functions. so it is handeling my network traffic as good as if not better then my old dgl4100 router.amazon prime seems to be playing good now with the new modem,


do you get the modem from WOW or did you purchase on your own. Has WOW gone from the Arris DG860 to your Motorola sb6580


Glendale Heights, IL
i got it at bestbuy for 150.amazon has em for 130 but i couldn't wait. solved my issues as this one connects 8 downstreams and 2 upstreams. instead of 1 and 1.