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Nick D
Orange, CA
reply to Tweakbl

Re: Crown of the Heavens

said by Tweakbl:

They could have left the Head enchants that were there alone, like the shoulder enchants and then made it so that Enchanters/Leather Workers and Engineers all had a separate enchant.

While I am thinking about it they need to make Gathering Professions more interesting to. (Profession Mounts/Special things) Gathering is on the weak side of the perks they receive as well.

If they had left the head enchants as they existed in the game, you'd still be "required" to get them for new toons who may not have had that old rep to max your character. Removing removed that "necessity".

Ston's point about the head enchant being a reward for raiding (even LFR raiding) hits the nail. Now its not a baseline for the new tier; its a reward at the end of it.

You can't have any non-gathering profession being vastly superior to any other. Burst vs proc vs steady stat is fine, but they all have to provide the same overall stats, or else you'll have infinite LW raiders (for instance) and not enough Blacksmiths. People bitched and moaned when JC lost a ... what was it? 20 stat bonus? in tier 13 (due to epic gems).

That's not true of gathering profs. If gathering was as useful raid wise as crafting profs, why would I ever craft? Gathering is far easier to make money at (or at least, it costs nothing). (Note: I understand the skinning crit bonus for some specs like Fury being good, but that's a real outlier). AH goblins would just run even more amok.


Rosedale, WV
They were for the most part BOA's


Rosedale, WV
reply to Nick D
In the past Blizzard has stated they try to balance Proffessions to all be very equal. With that said, I do not see it. Nor are they as interesting.