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Hallo lisa Aus Amerika
Byron, GA
reply to 15444104

Re: Consumers dont learn.

said by 15444104:

I already dumped the pay tv, most of which is crappy and cluttered with a huge amount of ad time, that makes the rare quality programs nearly unwatchable w/o a dvr which also costs you to rent.

I get OTA and surprisingly some of the PBS offerings are very good with NO advertising. I don't pay a red cent either.

Next up...the internet...If my provider doesn't deal I am cutting that cord as well. They are getting extremely greedy, brazen and arrogant with their price increases and limited speed tier choices.

I won't be paying more so that Charter's CEO Mr. Rutledge can have himself "helicoptered" around the NYC area.

i agree with the internet they give you less and charge more same with TV..
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