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Richmond, BC

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Re: Has Shaw become too Asymmetrical and is now falling behind

Yeah, Shaw's not really threatened by that. They were at first with Novus (so much they were offering Novux customers $30 for internet/phone/tv).

Multi-user suites aren't exactly Shaw's core base - they know that companies like Novus can never cost-effectively serve neighbourhoods - hell, the only way to get fiber to the house is to have it as part of a new installation (I have fiber, but it's through Telus - you'd think they'd offer like 100/100, but no).

And cloud-services are barely on the radar - Shaw knows those things are rarely time sensitive - most users use Dropbox or something, dumping a few gigs of files? Most users don't care that it takes all night.

Hell, facetime? That thing's gotta work over 3G, whose bandwidth is even more restricted (in more ways than one). And heck, most cloud services have little upload, lots of download - iCloud, Dropbox, etc - you upload once, and download multiple times.

If you're on this forum, there's maybe what, 1000 Shaw users out of millions? As long as the 90% of Shaw users are happy with the speeds, that's all they care about. The bandwidth hogs (torrenters, etc)? They'd rather get rid of you - pawn you off to Telus or someone else. Leaves their nodes less congested so they can avoid splitting a node.

And Shaw's not going to update anytime soon - they know they're among the best in Canada (Rogers? Bell? Shaw outclasses them in speed, quota, etc. The only "competition" is Telus, and everyone laughs if you switch from Shaw to Telus. About the only way to go is Teksavvy. And they're small enough to not be a worry - at least not to the extent that Bell and Rogers had to cripple their service.)

Edit: Yes, the gear can go to 108MHz. Doesn't mean Shaw is using it, in fact, they probably aren't because that obliterates the lower analog channels (which is why uploads went from 0-54MHz - it went below channel 2 and none of the amplifiers or other distribution equipment needs to be modified - you just stick on an reverse amp and you're good to go. Expanding it to 108 means Shaw needs to add filters to the intput and output of every distribution amp so they don't try to amplify the 54-108MHz span "backwards" (the output filter is to prevent amp harmonics from corrupting the upstream), and either replace or add upstream amplifiers. Plus go and screw everyone over because now they need to move channels 2-10 somewhere else, or basically redo the entire channel map).

Calgary, AB
88-108MHz is where the FM stations were, but they have taken those away already, they stopped offering the FM stations, I can only hope, they are using the frequencies for something else

Channels 2-6 are 54-88MHz yes.
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