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reply to rocca

Re: BAD NEWS? Not clear about data retention times.

said by rocca:

As much as I like Geist if he said CNOC supports C-30 he's wrong.

If you don't support it, then do what you need to do to declaw it.

Let's face it, you can be the most honest and most concerned CEO in the industry, but once you are hit and you have no legal recourse to protect your customers, then you will be targeted for bad publicity and anger. People will seek other providers even if there is no difference in substance.

In fact, the other consideration may turn out to be that the big boys have the re$ource$ to legally intimidate the smaller right holders. Even if there is a uniform legal retention period, their perceived "muscle" would swing in their favor.

As one businessman to another, you want this to go away or declawed. It will only make your life far more difficult.....potentially existential to your business.