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Winter Springs, FL
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Re: Using CableCard/HDhomerun Prime? Feedback Wanted

If you don't mind using the Xbox 360s as extenders than it will work. With the main PC recording/as the DVR, the 360s would be able to access the recorded programs, so essentially a whole house DVR. And you can install an app like Remote Potato to schedule recordings from your browser on any computer anywhere.

You can find the HDHRPrime for 120-130 if you keep your eyes open for a deal . I had set up a deal alert on Slickdeals.net.

The only thing you'd lose would be interactive/on demand content - the HDHomerun is a one way device so you won't be able to do videos on demand at all.


Oviedo, FL
Thanks I don't use that much since I would rent on Amazon if needed, I do get UFC fights, but apparently the Roku can handle that. Seems like a pretty good idea I'll have to keep researching it.


Winter Springs, FL
I'm happy with mine and I also like that I'm able to turn on my laptop and watch TV on there when I'm home. I've had mine set up for about a month now.