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reply to NewBellUser

Re: Does Bell allow Dual Login?

said by NewBellUser :

Could I connect a Wireless N router to my Sagemcom modem and having both dial into the Bell PPPOEEEEEE system in the same time?

Idea is for Sagemcom to connect to all my light usage wireless g and b. While i'll have a dedicated wireless router for my laptops with N.

I'd like to point something else out here that hasn't been mentioned yet.

If you have wireless devices connected to the sagemcom, and also a third party router connected to the sagemcom that is doing a seperate pppoe session with wireless device connected to it, wireless devices connected to the sagemcom wont be able to intereact or 'see' devices connected to the wireless N router.

So if you have a common shared wireless printer or other network appliance that must be shared in the house, and a computer requiring access to said appliance, that/those computer(s) must be connected to the same network that appliance is connecting to.

Also services like windows file sharing, or apple filesharing services wont be available between computers on opposite networks.

Re: the dual pppoe logins....

I'm not certain this is too much of an issue on the same slam. I am 100% positive that Bell CAN tell if the same login is being used on 2 different slams and they can even tell which type of modem is being used there. What I'm not sure of is if they are truely restricting this 'up stream'? As I understand it, the new (old) policy is starting to be enforced as they have found it may be causing issues if the customer has FibeTV. Basically that means it will likely be a blanket enforcement across all internet accounts, not just FibeTV customers.

I only make that last paragraphed statement based on the limited official information I've been given combined with observations I've made during some of my work activities.

If anyone has anything more official or accurate and wish to correct me, please by all means do so.

Opinions and ideas expressed in my post are my own and in no way represent those of Bell Canada Enterprises, Bell Canada, Bell TV, Bell Internet, Bell Mobility, Bell Technical Solutions, Expertech, or any other partners under the BCE umbrella.