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Modoc, IN
reply to Doug Huffman

Re: [DSL] Milking Frontier for all their network is worth

When I got Frontier, I too was thankful for my 1.5mbps, but I'm within 1.5km from the CO so I was upgraded within a few months to 6mbps. In areas with ADSL2+ or VDSL, you can hopefully see speeds of at least 3mbps, especially if you have repeaters or remote dslams or something of the sort. You could always tell Frontier you're having line trouble and see if they could put in a repeater. If your CO has the backhaul you could see more speed!


Newman, IL
·Frontier Communi..
The set speeds are most likely to keep bandwidth usage in check, their network is not the strongest in some areas.

I'm close enough to get over 20Mbps on a single DSL line, however the highest speed I can buy is bonded 12Mbps(2x 6Mbps lines).

Speeds regularly drop to 2Mbps during the evening hours.


Modoc, IN
Some areas, yes, Frontier has a pretty weak network with limited backhaul. I've heard of some areas still being served by a single T1 line, but luckily I'm not in one of those areas. My CO is served by at least a T3 but probably either several T3 lines, or OCx as I know several people around here with 7mbps DSL. Hopefully my area really does support 10 or 12mbps. I'd be thrilled with a real 8 though.


Cortland, NY
A lot of Frontier COs have OC48 or GigE backhauls. If they are T3 fed they would be leasing a line from Verizon or some other provider. In southern tier NY Verizon won't increase the pipe on some VZ-FTR backhauls. Sad really, since FTR is really really trying

North Tonawanda, NY
·Verizon Online DSL
·Frontier Communi..
In the past, the Fiber optic connection my Central office used was in fact leased from Verizon. It's definitely gotten some capacity boosts over time and I'm quite sure it's a Gigabit Ethernet line with all of the speed boosts they're bringing into my area. What I don't know though, is if it's now Frontier owned. Frontier owns the fiber going between the CO to the remotes.


Modoc, IN
Since Frontier is focusing a lot of money into getting their network up and running like it should, it doesn't surprise me they own all the fiber from CO's to remote locations. It does surprise me they'd stick with companies like VZ, who refuse to lease more bandwidth to them.

In my area, if Frontier wants more bandwidth, there are lots of options, even though I'm in the country. Zayo, which is a company with nationwide and international fiber, has dark fiber running along a highway just a few miles away, and they've said they're willing to lease multiple gigabits to anyone who wants it for not too high a price. However, I bet Frontier has plenty of bandwidth to my CO because I've never experienced a congestion issue. It was a Verizon CO until Frontier took over, and Verizon only ever offered T1 service from that CO. I know there weren't very many T1 subscribers out here, so I imagine VZ never invested in much backhaul. I also would guess mine was a CO Frontier wired up with Fiber since we couldn't even get DSL service until around 2008 or 2009. With new a new backhaul connection installed in 2007 or 2008, why run a T3/DS3 or a bunch of T1s? It only makes sense to lease a OCx line.