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If you could see me...

You would see me rolling my eyes. This is one of the most retarded ideas ever.

"Google Fiber Tourism" - LOL
I do not, have not, and will not work for AT&T/Comcast/Verizon/Charter or similar sized company.

Tavistock NJ
said by battleop:

You would see me rolling my eyes. This is one of the most retarded ideas ever.

"Google Fiber Tourism" - LOL

Maybe if it was Las Vegas, instead of KansasCity they would get some takers.
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reply to battleop
Sooooo he got it backwards--people don't want to go somewhere to see Google Fiber, they want Google Fiber to come and see them (and stay forever). Now there's a business op.
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reply to FFH5
It's a goofy idea but even worse is that the location is one of not-so-great areas of KC with little bungalow homes. When it rolls out to the Missouri side next year, there will be much more attractive/active areas that could make it a little more appealing. It might go well in Xroads arts district, Westport or City Market area - not a dilapidated bungalow hood with no amenities.

This is KC on the MO side. Nothing like the bland KS side...


San Jose, CA
reply to NotTheMama

Google-fibre-tourism? Why not try Linode instead?


Google-fibre-tourism is a funny idea, but seems kinda useless in reality indeed: if you want a fast connection, you can usually get one at work (if you work for a good tech company), or just rent a Linode or something.

All Linode's have an unmetered 1Gbps downstream connection by default; upstream is metered, and by default limited to 50Mbps IIRC, presumably to ensure you don't run out of your allocated bandwidth all too soon, and 50Mbps of upstream is still plenty!

So, for only 20$/month, you can already do virtual Google-Fibre-like-tourism without having to travel into the middle of nowhere.