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Calabash, NC
reply to Jobbie

Re: [Theory] What is your thing in WoW?

I'd say I'm an altoholic, but I don't spend much time on them. I have toons on servers all over. Each one is a different class/race/gender so I could get a feel for the game from each point of view, but I always end up on my mains on echo.

I admit I even made a toon on Moon Guard because of that thread. Quite an odd place, but packed with people. I really think some of the people in my guild on echo would love that place.

I enjoy most aspects of the game, from exploring, to dungeons, to PVP arenas. I've not done raiding yet, if I can get slaghappy up there, that may change I hope. Some dungeons suck major ass, and I hate when I get them on random, but for the most part, it's good.

I started getting into the pet battles recently. So add that to the list.