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reply to jjoshua

Re: I wouldn't

said by jjoshua:

Why would someone need to root their phone? Is it not already "open" enough? I have one so help me understand why I might want to root my phone?

Isn't it a problem when modifying the phone could impact phone service to the point where you can't make a call when you need to?

Phone service is regulated by the FCC so I can see why an operator who is running custom software would not want you to tinker with the device.

Ummm...."open phones" from factory?? Hardly. Now android phones are much more useable (customizable) out of the box as compared to the iDevil but like others here have already mentioned, you need to root/jailbreak your phone to truly unlock what it can do. Much longer battery life, tweaked antennas, custom apps, tethering, hotspots, custom roms, font packs...and the list just goes on and on.

Try it. You'll never go back.