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Ridgecrest, CA
reply to nunya

Re: Goodman furnace doesn't stay lit

@ nunya...

Furnace failed again this morning with the same sequence of events in my original post above. I went up in the attic to disconnect power and 'reset' the system so the wife would have heat when she got ready for work. After about 30-45 secs, I plugged the unit back in and noticed the blink from the sight glass. Now without sounding too crazy, picture this as you read it cuz this is the way I seen the sequence. It went,

Steady light on, then "Ba-blink-blink-blink" and then a steady light (no repeat of the error code) and started its cycle of turning on.

Now with that said, do I interpret that as 3 blinks and forget the 'ba', 3.5 blinks because of the 'ba', or count it as 4 blinks?!? Very confusing because of the quick, original flash from the LED followed by 3 distinct blinks.

I unplugged the system when started acting exactly in my original post and it did the same, 'ba-blink-blink-blink' when I restored power. I left it plugged in as these short bursts of heat to the exchanger was keeping the house about 68F and told the wife to turn it down to about 60F when she left for work and give the system a break.

She texted me a little while ago before leaving for work and said the furnace appears to be operating normally since she couldn't hear the induction blower cycling on and off like yesterday morning and there was constant warm air coming from the air ducts. I told her to go ahead and turn it down just in case it acts up before I can waste another half day of vacation to address this.

Any thoughts??