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Bill Neilson
Arlington, VA

The prices are finally getting to a point where

even I am probably if not definitely going to downgrade significantly come the end of my contract with my TV company.

The TV is used in my house almost non-stop in my house due to my wife staying home during the days and me using it at night when I get home...and by both of us during the weekends

And I honestly did not think the day would come where I felt like I was actually being ripped off TV wise.....but I see the total prices of these packages and am blown away.

UVerse gave me a deal as a 1st-time customer that still is in effect for 2 more months but if they think of even remotely charging me anywhere close to what the 'regular' price of my current package is....I would drop down to almost the 'basic' package in a heartbeat.

Cable companies have done a solid job in the last year, imo, expanding more to other devices and whatnot but they better watch their package prices, imo.