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Houston, TX
reply to ptrowski

Re: Dumbass moments?

said by ptrowski:

Ever have those projects where they should take about 30-40 minutes but take 3 times the amount of time because of your own stupidity? Just had one of them. I was mounting the small flat screen tv we got for my daughter, no issues there. But trying to hook up DirecTv was causing me grief. Checked everything over, looked great. Put rechecked everything, no issues there but still couldn't get a signal. Looked again at my coax cables, tried disconnecting one, cable modem went out. Like a dummy I was trying to hook the cable Internet connection to the TV splitter in the basement. Swore a few times, figured out which cable went to which bedroom and presto, worked like a charm.

I re-plumbed my pool pump to install a new backflush valve. A few hours to cut and fit all the PVC.

Then I look at the little guide that came with the valve and determined I had installed it incorrectly. I had (or so I thought) installed it as if I were using a sand filter not DE.

So, I rip it all out and redo it only to realize I was right the first time.

I kept pretty cool about it though.

I may have been born yesterday. But it wasn't at night.