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Smyrna, GA

Arp flush on 3801HGV or equivalent?

If I look at »my.gateway.address/xslt? ··· GE=C_2_0 (or descriptively, Settings-tab -> Lan -> Status), I see one of my system names appear more than once with different DHCP-provided addresses in the list. Some of the duplicates are wireless uses of that system, some are wired when I had it plugged into my Ethernet LAN.

Normally, I would not care, but I was trying something this morning and decided to try and talk to that system by name (allowing the gateway to resolve the name) instead of specifying the currently in-use address for that system. Failing, I did an nslookup on the name and the gateway answered back with one of the former addresses that was assigned but not currently in use by that system. I was able to reach the system by specifying the currently in-use address.

Seeing the duplicates on the page above makes me ask if there is a way to do the equivalent of an "arp flush" on the gateway to get it drop those duplicate entries for that system name. I see a "CLEAR LIST" button on the above described page with its warning:

Clearing the device list will not clear any devices which have host application mappings. Other per-device settings you may have made (IP addresses, Content Screening,etc) will be cleared. It is recommended you only do this when instructed to do so by customer care.
So I decided that perhaps I should ask before pressing it. All that I want to do is the equivalent of "arp flush" so that the gateway rediscovers the correct address of the system and answers correctly when an nslookup is performed for a system on my LAN.
nohup rm -fr /&


If you factory reset, that small red button on back down til it reboots, it should clear all. It's almost like it has some sort of sticky and never release option, it does this with the stb's as well.


reply to sempergoofy
I've used the clear list. It has cleared invalid entries from the C_2_0.


Michigan, US
reply to sempergoofy
Yeah, 'clear list' will do what you want.