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I prefer dumb to smart

I own both an LG and Sony along with a Samsung Smart Home Theatre system. All three have "smart" somewhere in their description but all three have the same flaw - that the user somehow figure out how to sign in to online sites using a remote control and remember their passwords and how to enter them using a remote control for each connection. That simply sign-on is a tremendous hurdle using a remote.

All three have an additional design flaw, they rely on limited/crippled browsers, outdated codecs and make the experience of searching or viewing content painful. Just imagine what happens in 2013 when the MP5 codec starts to roll out... these smart devices still use out of date crippled/limited browsers that don't even support HTML5.

With the LG television they have Plex built in, at least with that option I can on a machine within my home set up a Plex server, add sites to view and these sites now show up through the Plex interface. Beats having to use built in browsers and the limitations imposed by entering data using a remote control. I can set up which sites, which favorites I like on the Plex server and the smart device now shows those within the Plex interface.

I also found a developer "hack" for the Samsung home theatre to add Plex and now use that as the sole interface on that device as well. Beats having to wade through the "smart" device interface in hopes of finding an "App" that will do what a normal browser on a computer would e.g. connect to any site, any content with precached user ids and passwords.

Smart devices are a catch phrase for being a store front, where those store interfaces try to upgrade users into their "cloud" to view content. Read the product descriptions carefully.... Don't be locked in to a brand, which then locks you into their cloud and limited offerings. Find a product that works more like a computer and lets the user decide which apps to use and what content to view.