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analog andy

Surrey, BC
reply to Inate

Re: Basic cable - rep say digital box required... Huh?

said by Inate :

The switch over to all digital will be happening in the future as it is a much more efficient method of signal transport and ends up opening up more bandwidth for cable services.
Analog will go the way of the do-do sooner rather than later, it just takes some time for everything to switch over.

Find a cheap shaw cable box on your local classifieds or via ebay if you don't want to pay to rent one or buy a new one and you still want tv.

Already cancelled my Shaw cable, last day should be Jan 1ST The only thing left is building the OTA antennas for local news. I got two WD TV live and an HTPC on the main tv. Unotelly, Hulu Plus, Netlfix and Crackle got the moves and shows covered. The main thing will be getting cooking shows for the wife. Will have to do some downloading for a bit to get them.

Funny thing about a week ago some guy calls late at night and says he's from Shaw and started talking about me disconnecting my cable. (I also ordered Cable Internet 3 days before from a local ISP (Lightspeed) He was asking why and how for a special price he can hook me up with basic cable for $24.99 for 6 months or even basic cable for like $19.99 or something. WTF? OK? Then started to try to sell me cable internet. I said I didn't want cable or internet anymore. Anyways he said if I changed my mind here's my phone # and call me if I change my mind.


·TekSavvy DSL
Smart move going to OTA. It was a hard switch for my wife and 3 kids initially but I built a great HTPC using windows 7 and media center. I have a full guide and the ability to record 2 shows and watch 1 at the same time. My wife now loves it. The picture is better than anything you will get from shaw. Netflix picks up some of the shows the kids miss.

Not sure what the future of OTA will be but I can see the shaws of the world trying to kill it if they could, especially since they own some of the network stations that provide it.