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A Matrix Ant
United State
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reply to 15444104

Re: Still using a Sharp 20" CRT TV.

said by 15444104:

But don't you want new, better, faster?

I mean sure it is more complicated to use, more prone to failure, and more expensive (much more expensive) but you need to be a
"better consumer".


Our society has become so addicted to consumerism that most people only focus on the next new piece of Chinesium junk that are going to get.

Nah, I will replace it when my CRT TV bites the dust or I move (too heavy and big). I don't even use it that much. Why replace/upgrade when the old stuff still works fine? I don't want or need the latest stuff yet. Also, I like things to be stable and cheap when I really need them. I still use and wear an analog bone conduction hearing aid model from 1994 (don't want digital since they require implants -- ugh!), Casio Data Bank calculator watch, VGA + PS/2 optical mice and keyboards, analog 2.1 speakers (can't even hear stereo, but

Oh and save money and room.